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This website is designed to provide historical information for my students at Baldwin County High School, and anyone else who is interested.

At left is a directory of additional pages on this site, most of which are historical chronologies. Please bear in mind that all of these chronologies are works-in-progress, and are subject to revision.

Below (on this page) are powerpoint presentations containing much of the basic information that I use or have used in my current or recent courses.

I hope that you will find this site to be useful.


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Leavins American Demographics

Leavins Government

Demographics and America


Honors World History PowerPoint Presentations

The Renaissance

The Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation

The Authority of the Catholic Church

The Protestant Reformation, Part A

The Protestant Reformation, Part B

The Protestant Reformation, Part C

The Protestant Reformation, Part D

The Age of Exploration

The Age of Absolutism

The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment

The Rise of Great Britain

The American Revolution

The French Revolution

The Napoleonic Era

World War One

Honors U.S. History II PowerPoint Presentations

Post-Civil War America

The Coming of the Progressive Era

The Progressive Era

American Imperialism

America and WWI

The Late 1920s and The Great Depression